Top 10 Digital Marketing Skills in High Demand this year 2017

In todays technological world digital marketer job demand being current with the latest skills required in this fast changing industry. It’s all about understanding how users coming from the social and digital channels,how they operate and how they interact with each other.This creates a whole new ecosystem.

This give rise to some very interesting Questions .
How to post on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram ,its strategy planning?
What should be my priority while email marketing to possible clients?
How content marketing, i am doing is helpful in building my strong search engine optimisation presence?

Scope of digital marketing in 2017 ?

Digital marketing is one of the most intersecting and paying filed in this new modern digital age.

I’m not saying this because i am a digital marketer.

I’m saying this because it’s a fact at this time.

Anyone with a laptop or computer and with a internet connectivity,can earn as much as the person can imagine practically there is no limit what you can do through digital marketing.

And the results? They are very promising and will increase in the near future.

You can reach millions of people around the world with your message or product in a matter of hours.

Millions of people searching for your service or products can be reached with ease in no time by just applying right digital marketing strategy.

1. Search Engine Optimization

You Must be surprise to know the seo is still the most important skill required for digital marketing.

You will say that its 2017 and there are so many new trends coming up is seo still required.

Many people will say that seo is not required anymore ,but nothing is true.

SEO is still relevent and important for todays strategy.


But let me tell you seo as thought is used to show results in search query is not appropriate to say it is much more than that.

SEO strategies are changing with time as the search nature by user is changing.

Online business owners are starting to understand the importance of Seo strategies like content marketing ,blogging and started making quality content.

This is why a Seo expert in a digital marketing team becoming more important.

To master seo skills you should keep up with the change world of search engine.

2. Basic HTML/CSS Editting :-

Next most important one skill for digital marketing is basic understanding and knowledge of how we pages are made using HTML and CSS.

Thing Why Html and Css ,it is the responsibility of web designer.
I would like to clear this topic in more detail. We are here just talking about the basic skill of html and css ,so that any minor editing can be done by you without waiting for the web designer and making the process fast.

While you don’t require to learn making the website theme from scratch, with the basic coding skill you will be able to understand how to make a more appealing visual presence.

This will enhance you creative skills .

As we all know, digital marketing is all about visual appearance.

Digital Marketers with HTML/CSS skills will be able to edit and update the design , look and feel of things like your campaign landing pages for email marketing which will make it more effective for user experience and lead generation.

3. Content marketing

You must have heard many times that content is king.
This makes content marketing a very valuable skill to learn.

We are living in the digital age and information plays a very important role in this .

Engaging Content is required for customers so that they more and more visitors come to our platform.

This puts content creation and its management a highly demanding skill for every online business.


If you can learn how to curate and create incredible content for companies and then market that content to the point of it going viral, you’ll become one of the most valuable assets for those companies.

Content marketing is used with many digital marketing skills .It a integral part of many campaigns.

Creating a great content is not enough you should also know how to market it properly.

For many digital marketing process like social media , SEO you will need content marketing skills to increase the effectiveness of the process

Broadly speaking content marketing skill is required in every digital marketing skill.

Learning content marketing skill will help you in improving you performance in every digital marketing area .

Great engaging article for a video content is like your digital property .Which will increase in value with time and give you business for a long time.

4. Analytics

The single most important skill of digital marketing amongst all is analytics.

With the consumer data ease of availability and vastness ,you must able to analyse that data qualitatively.

Any skill in the digital marketing field learned is incomplete .You must need analytical power to word for a effective digital marketing campaign.

This skill in not optional.

You will need it every time to track access and analyse data by using tools to make a informed decision.

For overcoming the obstacles in you digital marketing campaigns you will need data analysation.


You will have to analyse you marketing strategy among all the platforms and improve that on the basis of results.This will make you campaign more effective and get fast results.

Data analyst who can use the power of data effectively will be in huge demand in 2017.They will be the one generating leads more successfully .

5. PPC

PPC marketing will also be in great demand in 2017 .

Any business can increase their reach by using paid advertising .This is also a fast way to generate high revenue.

Biggest mistakes done by many new ppc marketers is the allocation of money on the right place which leads to low ROI.

Thats why you should have in depth understanding of ppc marketing

Through PPC we can generate very high quality and targeted traffic on any website.


For far it seems very simple ,but in actuality this is the most difficult skill of all to learn.It requires a combination of maths skill analytical power and marketing strategy.

Google analytics also plays a great role in this.

Developing a good campaign according to the client expectation, analysing this campaign while it is running and report that properly is must.

Due to its complicated nature and being a very important part of digital marketing this is very high paying job.

You have to master and understand how you can bring relevant traffic through ppc campaign at the lowest cost possible .

6. Social Media Optimization

Social media is the latest and single tools which is most powerful to master in this new media age.

As we can see that social media is growing much faster then the internet itself.

And it will be continue growing in the coming years

Social Media users is expected to reach about 2.95 billion by 2020 worldwide.

Although it is used by such a huge number of people most of the companies are still unaware
how to use this platform for generating revenue or achieving a particular .

If you learn this skill and are able to deliver the required result you will become a valuable asset for a company.


And the thing is, there is a lot more to social media marketing than just promoting content on Facebook.

If you want to master the domain of social media you will have to learn each platform individually and in depth.

This will include understanding the users on the platforms ,at what time you should post ,making a post more engaging user friendly to achieve a specific goal.

You need to also understand how to make the right mix of paid social media marketing also.

Doing this will take lots of time and efforts .

Due to the difficult nature of social media marketing skill, this is one of the most rare and highly paying job .

If you show to the clients that you can get them results the desire through social media which they can use for there business growth then you will be have a good career in the near future.

7. Email marketing

Email marketing is the oldest and still relevant form of marketing .

Relevant customer email list used is a right way can generate huge returns with very less efforts.

Learning email marketing is not enough you have to learn the whole process.


Email marketing is more then just writing the email to lots of clients. Purchased email data can be used but will not be effective.

Email list should be built from scratch and nurtured properly. Building a huge client email list is very challenging job.

Thats why this is very high paying skill .

You will be in demand if you learn this complete process.

This huge email list can become a valuable asset. variety of tasks can be achieved by this like social media engagement and generating more customers to increase sales.

But the rule for success is you have to learn the complete process start to finish.

8. Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is a new and sometime ignored skill with respect to other digital marketing skills.

With lots of similarities between desktop and mobile marketing, some particular tasks require skills that are specific for mobile marketing.This makes mobile marketing a essential skill .

You have to understand why a business needs mobile marketing ,how different is the user coming through mobile marketing.As the mobile users are increasing day by day at a very rapid speed this is becoming more important.

Being a new skill it is very complicated to learn.You have to make make some important decisions like SMS and responsive design from user point of view.

Depending on the nature of the business certain field have huge demand of email marketing.Best part is that it is less competitive then SEO or social media.


When it comes to social media or SEO everyone have some or other advise to give but in mobile marketing you will find very few people who have a understanding of this area.

Mastering mobile marketing is thus a challenging task.

But to set yourself apart from the crowd, this can be a valuable asset.

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