What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a powerful technique used for branding of company’s products, services and its achievements over the web through the best known social medial platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. Nowadays, every webmaster relies on the social medial optimization (SMO) for promotion of client’s business website and generates online traffic and prospective business leads for that.

SMO activity is similar to search engine optimization that is intended to get traffic for the website and advertise business over the web. The same purpose is materialized in the Social Media Optimization (SMO) and promotes the business online through potential social media websites. For this, there are many SMO activities needed to perform by SMO experts or webmasters.

Types of Social Media Optimization (SMO)

RSS Feeds

It enables a publisher to syndicate data (blog, article, news content, audio, video, etc.) automatically.

Social News and Bookmarking Websites

In this SMO practice, webmaster promotes website and its news content at highly acclaim social news and bookmarking websites such as Reddit, Pinterest, Sitebar, Stumbleupon, Digg, Newsvine, and many more.

Social Networking Websites

It is the main stream SMO activity that involves branding of website and its services, products, etc., at the most popular websites of SMO such as Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, etc.

Video Sharing Websites

With this SMO practice, SEO professionals promote website through video content and post them at most significant video sharing websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, LiveLeak, Metacafe, and so on.

Blogging Websites

It is another good SMO practice that enables to promote blogs or content of the website at the prominent blogging websites such as Tumblr, Webs, Squarespace, Penzu, Mashable, ReadWrite, TechCrunch, and much more.

What will you learn in Social Media Optimization Courses?

1. Basics of SMO:

In this, you will learn basics of social media optimization and its relevant strategies that can boost ranking, traffic and awareness of business online. Besides, you will explore importance of SMO activities in brand promotion. Furthermore, you will come to know advantages of SMO as well as network optimization.

2. Twitter Optimization:

In this, you will explore different kinds of twitter activities such as tweeting, measuring interfaces, tracking code, twitter demographics, twitter account creation, twitter list and many more.

3. Facebook Optimization:

It is the most convincing and recommended SMO practice that will help you know different between profiles, places, pages, and groups. Besides, it includes more exercises such as measuring and monitors, article and blog posting, Facebook sharing, page creation, and management of that. Furthermore, you will explore benefits of Facebook optimization in depth.

4. YouTube Optimization:

This SMO practice will let you learn how to promote brands or business online through video promotion. This exercise involves activities like making video ads, promoting video ads on YouTube, creating account on video sharing sites, tracking comments, reviews, social sharing, etc.

5. Social Bookmarking:

It allows you to know how to do social booking of content at the most favorite social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, E-buzz, etc.

6. Google+ Optimization:

It enables you to explore how to endorse brand through Google+, use tools, integration of website, and much more.

7. Blogging Network:

It will let you know how to advertise content online and build a strong blogging network by adopting exercises like blogs creation, blog submission, blog posting, blog commenting, and lots more.

Benefits of Social Media Optimization Courses:

There are so many benefits of social media optimization for business websites. As it helps in online branding of the business at the most popular social media platforms as well as get potential traffic, likes, reviews, and comments on website’s social pages online. However, it will benefit in increasing branding of the business and its products or services over social platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

More will be accuracy in SMO practice for website; more will be promotion of the business online. It will result positively to gain profits for online business in form of more business leads and business partners across the world.

Where to learn SMO?

To learn SMO from scratch, you should join the best SMO courses offered by the leading digital marketing training institutions in India. You can join any short term, long term and certification courses in SMO as per your choice. All courses are beneficial to have good understanding of benefits of SMO for online branding of business and how to promote it over social media channels.

Apart from that, you can also refer online SEO tutorials or go for self study. It will help you get self-confidence and learn things as per your convenience. In the online world, there are many self training websites available, which provide good content and learning material of SMO and other SEO techniques to explore from scratch.

For practical training, you should go for SMO internship programs offered by the trusted digital marketing firms or institutes time to time. The aim to organize such programs is only to provide practical training to the students to try hand over SMO activities and learn things practically.

What are SMO Job Requirements?

Is SMO a Good Career Option?

Yes, SMO is a most convincing and result-oriented domain of SEO, which empowers the online businesses to find their ways and grow well in the competitive online marketing world. By having expertise in SMO, you will be able to work standalone or as freelance SMO expert and can earn in dollars. Once you learn every basic to advance level SMO technique, you will find ample of jobs in prestigious digital marketing companies across the world. Also, the charges of an expert SMO professional are also higher and salary packages are also impressive. So, if you have depth knowledge and practical experience in SMO, you have a bright future in the field for sure!

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