Using Social Media to Share Your blogs Increase Traffic

We all when publish any article, try to get as much attention as possible on it as quickly as possible and what could be easier than sharing it on social media where hundreds and thousands of people can be redirected to your website in seconds. But the question is which is the best social media to share your articles?

Which social media can give you the best quality traffic and most amount of traffic easily and without putting your back into it.

It is almost 2018 and if you are not sharing your blogs on social media then now you know Why You Are Not Getting Traffic To Your Website. I am sure you are on social media as well. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. We all are connected to each other by one of the most powerful medium today and that is social media. So when we talk about traffic and sharing your Blogs, the very first thing that comes in our mind is social media.

Sharing on different social media will give you a wider range of audience and will Increase Traffic to Your Website as well.

But different social media are used for different purposes. For example if you try to sell a product on twitter, the results will not be as good as selling on Facebook or Instagram.

The same is for sharing your articles, your content. Your blog’s niche decides which is the best platform for you to share your blog.

For instance,

If your articles and blogs have lots of high quality photographs, then no doubt Facebook and Instagram are “The Best” options for you.

Whereas if your articles contain more information about a topic, suppose SEO or Marketing then Google+ and LinkedIn will be your preferred choice for sharing your blog.

But if your blog is about some facts or news, then twitter undoubtedly is your friend when promoting your blog.

If you want to sell any product, then Pinterest and Facebook will be suitable for you.

There are a ton of them out there and one of the biggest is YouTube if you create videos as well. Cross linking your videos and blogs and promoting will definitely make you some quality regular visitors which will contribute a lot in growth of the content you create.

But, deciding which one to choose can be a brain teaser for most of us.

# Facebook

With over 2.07 Billion monthly active users, currently no other social media has such massive audience. If you are able to gather few percentage of people to follow your page and even if 10% engage with your posts everyday, then you can easily increase your monthly page views by 8000-9000 every month by sharing your blog and articles with more and more people coming everyday.

It is also a great way to know about your audience and what they want more. Interacting with your readers can be very beneficial for your blog as well. You may be able to fix some bugs which people find annoying or don’t like which will ultimately improve your blog’s performance.

# Google+

If for some reason you don’t want to do it on facebook, then Google+ is my recommendation for anyone who want regular viewers to their Blogs. You need not to follow others or work your ass off to even build up your follower base. Just become a member of a community which matches with your niche and share your blogs there. This is how I got my first visitors to my blog. It is easy, simple and don’t require any skills.

Even though some people may argue that it is dying and is not worth your time, don’t listen to them. It still works. And it works great. For Everyone.

# Twitter

Twitter is also great platform to promote and share your articles on your blog. You can tweet a number of times a day adding a link to whatever your tweet is. Just make it relevant.

One Tip: Use Sniply to make your links short so you can write more in your tweets since links are too long and sometimes take up lot of unnecessary space. Many bloggers who are now huge on twitter, drive millions of people to their blogs and articles. Having such a gigantic follower base is also beneficial when it comes to trust and reliability.

# Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media today. If you manage to attract handsome amount of audience and start sharing your Articles and Blogs, it will definitely give your blog’s traffic a head start. Promoting on Instagram is preferred by millions of people and using correct hashtags in your posts will also introduce your blog to a bigger and wider audience.

Whenever you follow someone, the first thing they see is your Bio. So keep it simple yet interesting and leave a link to your blog in the website part so if someone wants to see your blog, he need not to struggle to find it.

You can also use stories and add links to your articles. Whenever your follower swipe up on the story, it will redirect him to your blog.

You should consider this the most if you own a food or travel blog or a niche which require high quality pictures because it is specially optimized for images only. I have seen many bloggers who have used instagram to increase their audience to insane number of millions like @thetrinitraveller who has massive following and she has grown this account very rapidly as well.

# Quora

It is my favorite platform where I can share my article and blogposts. And best thing about it? It is not a one-time thing. Mostly when we share articles on social media, it works only for few hours or 1-2 days at most. But Quora is a bit different, if you write extremely useful and informative answer on Quora, people will see it again and again and if the question is able to make it to search results of target keyword, it is nothing less than a fortune.

Many answers have thousands of views, and if you get almost 10-12K views every month on your answers, then you can drive a significant amount of traffic to your blog consistently. No, not for one day or one week, but for months and even years. It just get better with time.

Some of the top quora writers get views in Millions! Like Awdhesh Singh who is one of the top quora writers with a massive 69.2 Million views on his answers!

# Pinterest

It is one of the most underestimated and least used way to promote the content. People are not aware of the potential of Pinterest. It can drive thousands of people to your blog if you use it correctly! You don’t even need to try as hard as other platforms to gain a substantial amount of followers.

Post the picture along with description and some figures. Whenever someone click on the image, it will redirect the user to your blog. Also, Pinterest drives the most traffic to the linked websites and blogs among its competition according to stats. Just make a Blog Board on it and start Pinning.

These 6 Social Media are some of the best platforms to share your articles and Blogs because they have one of the biggest user base on the internet and can give you some quality traffic as well. Working on these will surely help you catch many eyes and attention to your blogs and articles.

What do you use to promote your latest articles? Any social site which may not be mentioned in this article but is worth trying? Let us all know in the comments.

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