Top 3 Reasons Why You Don’t Make Money From Your Blog

Complete Bullshit. I know you must have read this sentence quite a lot of times when you search about making money online or as a part time. People who don’t know anything about it tells you that it is fairly simple. “Just make Blog and start writing, if your content is good and unique, it will bring views and hence money as well.” This is just a luring line to fool you.

"The best way to earn money online is by Blogging. "
"You just need to make a blog and start writing and after few weeks you will be making hundreds of dollars and after an year you may even make thousands of dollars! "

But, that is not the problem. They do whatever they can to make money. Even if they are passing incomplete or wrong information, they don’t care.

Making money from blogging and by freelance writing is dream of many of us because when we think about our lifestyle as a blogger, we feel so cool and relaxed. We need not to work under a boss and listen to their orders. We need not to go to the same office everyday. We can travel the world and still do the job and earn money to sustain our lavish lifestyle. We can make money while sleeping as well.

But this is not easy at all. If 1000 people dream about it, chances are that 0.2-0.3% are actually going to achieve it. When we start writing, we are full of energy and plans we have made of coming months and sometimes even years! But due to this misunderstanding, most of us quit within weeks and sometimes in a few days.

Another sentence you may have read:



"Only 5-10% actually make enough money from their blogs to fulfill their needs"

But do we care? No. We know we can become those 5-10%. We just have to outwork others. Simple AF.

Unfortunately, it makes our expectations too high. We assume we are the gods and others are douches. Whereas the truth is, it is hard AF. And disappointing and discouraging as well. This is the reasons why 50% of bloggers have discontinued blogging and the number is increasing ever single day.

Since there are no suggested blogs on Google like videos on YouTube, most of the blogs are left unnoticed and get wasted. No matter how good the content is. No matter how worthy it is. It is lost. Like a plank of wood in an ocean.

So, once you decide to start blogging set this in mind that simply writing good content and being regular alone can’t do the job. If you have read it on some other blog, maybe a blog which has quite a big amount of audience, they might have not told you about hundreds of investments they make on their blog to get that amount of audience every day. Even from the money they make from their blog, they re-invest that money for their website and this cycles keeps going.

Unless you invest either money or time, or both, you can’t be successful. This may sound hard and cold but this is the present day truth since competition is way too hard and you have to out-perform every single blog you can. In order to earn money from your blog, you first need to know what you have been doing wrong or not doing till now.

You Don’t Invest Enough

Sounds not so great right? Well, if you want to make money with blogging, you need to invest in it.

"See it like a business. You invest to start a business, then you make even more investment to advertise it in hope for a return which may make you profit."

The same thing is with Blogging. You need to put money in order to earn it back or more from your blog. In domain, SEO, hosting, writers, keyword search, Ads, Guest Blogging and even people to help you with content.


Domain according to me is the first and pretty important investment you can make on your blog. Buying a domain which suits your site and its content can be very very helpful for you as it may even help you with SEO and people tend to remember the names they find interesting.

So, getting a good domain name will definitely help you with getting good rankings and also, if you don’t use sub domains like or , people take you as more serious blogger and not just another casual scammer they find on internet. Also they are very cheap starting from $15/Year which is pretty great deal.


Investing in this will be your worthiest and best investment you can make for your blog or your website. SEO basically helps you Rank Higher on Google search results the provide the site organic quality traffic that is gem to any blogger.

You can invest in SEO in many different ways. You can get a subscription for Yoast SEO or online servies like that. If not, then you can hire a SEO expert who will complete all the required things to rank higher on Google.


Though this will not directly affect your blog and website but will help you with the rankings. Having a perfect to almost perfect number of keywords will help your bring more targeted audience. If you have right ratio of your keyword to total words, it will have significant amount of difference on how your that article performs.

But Hey. Where is investment in this? Well, investment is made through keyword searches and targeted keywords. Sites who does that show you different stats regarding it. Like the number of people who search for it in a amount of time or the number of people who click the links or ads and how many of them etc. etc.


Believe me. if you invest in people the most. it will give you more benefits. Like hiring people from Fiverr for your work will not only help you and your site, but it develops relations of a client and a worker.

Experts charge as less as $30-40 and can give give you so many benefits. Okay like they can optimize your site for search engine, they will remove any error and can even submit for indexing and will do all things you were doing wrong or were not doing. Whereas those sites and bots will only tell you the changes to make. Sometimes we are not sure how to do that or even do something wrong.


You can even hire writers for your blog. It will increase your Article publishing frequency and will give you a better chance to showcase your blog. Those who write for you can even backlinks your blog in their articles which will again help you in achieving rankings.


This is not the-must category but will make a difference undoubtedly. Ads can help a lot to gain new audience since people who are unaware about your blog can discover it if you campaign it for longer time and for a wider audience. Google AdWords are most recommended since it put your advertised website in the top of search result in Ads column for the targeted keyword.

You need not to invest this much money in your blog if you are a beginner but you still need to make some investments. The order these are written in are from most required to optional.

You Don’t Put Required Time

Time is the most important thing you should invest to make money from blog. Even if you have tons of money to invest on your blog or website, you still need time right? Unless you yourself experience the world of blogging, you cannot do anything.

You can’t tell people what you want them to do with their blog, you will not notice if the worker has even done something or just have taken the money. If you don’t know anything and still investing, you are an idiot.

But there are very few people like this because you know we all love our money. We want to earn more and more that’s why you are reading this and I am writing this.

  1. Invest time in reading other blogs in your niche.
  2. Invest time linking you older articles to new one and updating previous articles.
  3. Invest time building your e-mail listings as well.
  4. Invest time reading about the experiences and stories or events bloggers tell on social media.
  5. Invest time thinking what you should write next.
  6. Invest time learning about SEO yourself.
  7. Invest time building up Your Social Media For Blog.
  8. Invest time in making podcast and videos for better content production on your blog.
  9. Invest your time in connecting with people who read your blogs. Ask people who comment in your articles about feedback and ask them their problems. if possible help them building their website or blog and suggest them things.
  10. Invest time in improving your writing and expressing skills so that you are able to present your thoughts more clearly and effectively.

Have you realized? All these things are those things you cannot buy from money. It is up to you how hard you work in order to improve these skills.

"Where money can't help, put your time because it is the only way out."

Another major reason why you don’t see any money coming from your blog is because You Lack Patience.

Patience comes to the action when you have done everything you can in best possible ways but still cannot see pleasing figures in your AdSense or affiliate account.

This is because even the search engine needs time before it can put your blog as first recommendation in the keyword searched.

Even people need time to develop trust on your blog and content. To trust you that everything written on the blog is relevant and worth their time.

Making Money from Your Blog can be a tough challenge when you don’t have hundreds and thousands of followers.

You need to have patience to see results. If you think that you will start earning great after 3-4 months then it is not true and not even possible. Even your AdSense gets verified after 6 months. So how could you expect your blog to get monetized so quickly.

Even those who earn thousands of dollar admits that it took more than 5 year to make some actual money they made from their blog and after 10-12 years of continuous blogging, they are now able to achieve a fortune like this.
Not everything depends on hustling. Sometimes you need patience and commitment too.

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