How To get AdSense Approval Now and Start Making Money From Day 1

So you started a Blog to make money? You are working your ass off to make some dollars but you are not making a single cent?. If this is happening, it means either you don’t know How To Monetize Your Blog or You or You Are Not Doing It the Right Way. Keeping the other one aside, Let’s jump right on what you clicked the link. Here is How To Get Verified With AdSense Now and Start Making Money From Day 1.

So, the reason you are reading this is probably because you want adsense to put ads on your blog ASAP because we live in year 2017 where we are not in a habit of waiting and waiting for the adsense approval is next to a punishment because of it’s formalities you need to complete in order to get verified and I am sure you know about them. If not, then you need not to change the tab, They are mentioned below.

  1. You need to have a Blog or Website First.
  2. You need to write out of the world kind of quality content to get verified according to adsense and other articles.
  3. Your Blog or Website need to be atleast 6 months old so that spammy websites don’t get enlisted.
  4. You should not use some vulgar content and photograph because it violate its Terms and Conditions which no one reads.

So, if you follow these steps you should get verified. But most of the time, people still don’t get adsense approval.

I get a lot of questions on Quora about this and there are same answers written by everyone. Like this one which was asked just now!


Now I am verified and I am quite sure that I never fulfilled any of the requirements Google AdSense put to get approved.

I had only 3 articles total which are total crap. Even today.
My blog was not 6 months or more old.
But I got the AdSense approval.

Actually, these are just basic things adsense mention so that worst quality spammy copied blogs don’t get approval and those who deserve and do their best in writing the originial high quality content (like me :P) get the advantages of adsense.

NO, I didn’t do anything wrong or illegal. Not even violated any of its T&C.

Write like an experienced and not like a Noob.

You need to write naturally but at the same time use some Basic SEO techniques. You need not to go in the depth of SEO in beginning as simple tricks will do the work.

Don’t write small articles in the beginning.

I know writing long articles is hard and time consuming but it will get the job done. It worked for me atleast. It will make bots believe that you are providing great quality content to the reader which you should by the way.

Be consistent.

Yes, I wrote only 5 articles at that time but I did it in a consistent manner. Not like posting 2 in one day and then not even opening the blog for another month or so.

Be consistent with what you write and how often you write. It’s totally fine that long articles take more time because that barely makes any difference.

Don’t use CopyPaste Please.

Copying totally kills your blog. Like literally if you copy paste someone else’s content to your article then your blog isn’t going to get approval even after 10 years. And editing 1-2 lines doesn’t make a difference. It’s still seen as copied.

Get Views.

Sound hard but is not that tough. It doesn’t matter if you get them from your social media, relatives, friends followers or any useless stranger. As long as they are real, it will work. Use Google+ Communities for this purpose which helps a lot. For me atleast.
Reasons why you don’t get visitors on your blog.

Use pictures.

Use pictures to convince the bots that your content is top notch. Just make sure they don’t have a copyright claim on them and blends in the article correctly otherwise this will trick will backfire. When a reader sees two same things at two different places without any source mentioned or claiming it as their own, he avoid using both of them.

Use Videos and Audios.

Basically use any media you can which makes sense and goes with your written content. I hope you are smart enough and will figure out which is best for you. Right?

Put Links.

Put links to other sites which are already at 1st Page on google for your targeted keywords. It helps the most to be honest. Google bots trust you and your content more when it is linked with other websites.

Arrange Backlinks.

Use Google, Instagram, Quora, Yahoo Answers or any other related forum and leave a link to your website there. If you are on social media then please use your bio section to add the links which redirects the users to the website.

Try to gain wider audience.

Try to get views from around the globe. Sounds like a hard task but is easy af. Use internet wisely and twitch some target audience preferences to get audience from different countries. I get my blog views from 9 different ones which is one of the main reasons I got approved. I think, you must read this Traffic Generator Guide


Ask your readers to comment. This actually helps a lot. Good comments works very well. If no one does ask your friends and family to give a helping hand.

Again. Share.

Sharing works too if done correctly. Tell your friends and family to do so. Or request and you can always make face like this.

I know all this includes a lot of sharing and requesting your friends to do some favors and you may also think that this isn’t the right way.

But who cares? You want to fill your article with ads to earn money. Total selfish work. You want it approved by any possible means. Fair or Unfair. So these will help you in doing so.

And no it will not lead you and your blog to any ban or penalty because these are just the imitation of things which will happen in future. And lets be honest everyone do these things.
You decide which way you want to do it. Completely upto you.

So, are you approved? If not then feel free to ask me in the comments and I will try my best to solve your problems

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