You might be conscious of the best blogposts auto internal linking WordPress plugins that help’s blog owners to automatically interlink their blog posts to keep visitors engage and stay on the website or weblog for long time by browsing inside going from 1 post to another.
The benefits of visitors staying for long time on your website results reduces in bounce rate, chances of more shares and subscribers, that result better SERP results.
I wrote this post just because when few days ago I was searching for the best auto internal link plugin, all the results I found were outdated.
Finally, I purchased SEO smart link that caught my attention due to various features. One of the best premium tool with a lot of features no one can ignore. But I noted that why note to write on this topic so that other can download and install this for better results.
List of WordPress Auto Internal Linking Plugin:
Below is the list of some of the best Internal Linking WordPress Plugins without any problem and time consumption. With the help of this Plugin visitors will stay long on your website that will definitely benefit you.

Every blogger wants that their website posts are internally linked with each other but it’s one of the most difficult task to add each and every link in all the posts you do on regular basis. SEO smart link comes up by interlinking your old content with new automatically.
SEO smart link plugin is also known as a best affiliate marketer plugin, as it helps website owners by adding affiliate links to different affiliate programs.
Some of the new features of this premium plugins are:

Enhanced content Parsing algorithm: the premium version of this plugin create such type of internal and auto affiliate links that totally look natural.
Advanced automatic Blogposts internal linking options: It interlinks your blog post to auto link in the same as well as outside category.
It will also monitor your calendar or date chart, for example if you want to interlink your old content with the new ones this plugin does that job for you.
It has another powerful option to only link to those keywords where the length is specified.
Advanced Custom keywords options: another powerful tool of this plugin is that you can specify as many URL’s you want to 1 keyword and the plugin will pick one from them randomly.
It also clocks and change the keywords into affiliate links.
Advanced control over Number of Created links: Now you can easily specify the number of links you want to add to 1 blog post plus it will also take care of those links you created manually and those one created by Smart SEO links.
No Follow whitelist: it also eliminates the do follow backlinks from no follow. Simply you have to add them to the whitelist domains.
To know more about this awesome tool, Click HERE

WP Optimize plugin by Xtraffic

The 2nd plugin that most of the people are using on their website for auto internal linking WordPress blog post is WP Optimize by Xtraffic. This is another great plugin for interlinking blogposts. Its automatically interlink all the important keywords, even if you don’t have the targeted keywords. It works like magic by using related post algorithm and to interlink them with the most relevant keywords.
It also reduces and optimize the images used in your blog posts by compressing and adding alt tags. That result to load your website faster.
One of the best thing in this plugin is that you don’t need to worry about image copy right, because it adds water mark to the image you upload to your website.

Insight WordPress Plugin:

Insight again is one of powerful plugin made by SEO Smart Link Plugin founder. It will increase your website posts quality as well as your productivity by performing the following task with few clicks.
This plugin will interlink your website post, add flickr images as well as youtube video as well as Links to outside resources + google images, blogs and Map search with few clicks.
You can check the below screenshots for more details.

WordPress default search and Interlink:

As you might know about this but most of the people don’t have any idea. The built in WordPress feature that allow you to quickly link your old blog post with new keywords. All you need to do is to click on hyperlink button and the search will appear where when you type something the database will show you the relevant results. This Is one of the default feature of WordPress with a lot of benefits.
SEO internal links:
Another plugin that I added to the list of best blogposts auto internal linking WordPress plugin is SEO internal links. It provides all the data of custom keywords, nofollow as well as other configuration like linking with keywords automatically, even it links to the comments, pages and tags. In case of it got more keywords in 1 article. It will only link to the relevant one.
Some of the features of this plugins are:
It come up with simple configuration, working on all browser and with all plugins. It also works by interlinking different blog posts and affiliate with custom keywords list.

WordPress Popular Post

People want to visit for the purpose to learn something. So if you are giving them quality, if you are providing them tips and techniques what they love to read. You are on the right path.
But the question that arise here Is how easy is the job. Well, WordPress popular post is among all other recommended plugins that show your readers the most interested content of your blog.
It shows the best post of your website on the right corner of your website by displaying the titles and images which attract visitors to click. There are a lot of option that give you the access to changes the dates, popularity timing. Duration of views etc.
In shorts this plugin Is the need of every blogger blog.

Yet Another Related Post plugin:

Most of the readers directly leave weblogs once they finish the content. For the purpose to force them to stay on website for better SERP result. People use related post plugin that Auto internally link your blog post by showing the best related results
You can exclude and include many things through their control panel.
So the list of best Internal Linking WordPress Plugins came to its end. I Hope you find this post good and will use any of the plugin from above list for making your blogging journey easier. In case of you have any question in mind and want to ask. Do not hesitate to Contact me or comment below. I will be happy to answer you.

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