Internet Basic Overview

Internet Basic Overview

Internet is our medium to connect with millions of potential buyers in a single click. That’s why, we shouldn’t ignore the importance of internet technology to make our online business barrier free.

In this chapter, we are going to lean about different architecture of internet models and working methodologies for depth understanding.

For SEO practices, an internet marketer has full-fledged awareness about web protocols, safety and model of search engine robots.


  • Evolution
  • W3C Guidelines

Web Crawler

  • What is Crawler
  • How Crawler Works
  • Googlebot – Working Model
  • Yahoo Bot
  • Bing Bots
  • Baidu Bots
  • Robots

IP Address

  • What is IP Address
  • How to Increase IP Reputation
  • Spam Filter

Client-Server Model

  • What is Client
  • What is server
  • How client-server Model works

Web Protocols

  • What is Protocol
  • Types of Protocol – DNS, FTP,HTTP, HTTPS
  • Advantage of HTTPS Protocol for SEO


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